DON WOLF -"Making Changes"
  • DON WOLF -"Making Changes"
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Album: Making Changes

Produced by: John Shepp, Don Wolf
Recorded at Utopia Parkway Studios, Vancouver BC Personnel:

Don Wolf : Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Steve Crane: Guitars & Background Vocals
Tim Joynt: Bass & Background Vocals
Brendan Ostrander: Drums
Rick Spolar, John Shepp: Percussion
George Criston: additional vocals on "Piece Of Mind", harp on "I Love The Feelin'" Tracks: Make Some Changes
Power And Glory
Holdin' On To Love
How Long
Get It While It's Hot
Never Say Goodbye
Standing In The Rain
Take My Hand
I Love The Feelin'
All I Want
Talkin' In My Sleep (Bonus Japanese track)
Love Is A Crime

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