Don Vocal coached J Young both in preparation for, and during the recording sessions of his first release, with worldwide known, Vancouver based Producer/Songwriter, Adam H.

He was also involved in co-writing 6 of the 12 songs on this new 12 song release coming in early 2017!

"Don Wolf is a great coach and amazing vocalist to learn from as he can push you to reach your goals in singing. His coaching has made my voice stronger and I have more control than ever. I continue to see him for vocal training because I believe he's one of the best."

Josh Young

IT'S OFFICIAL: New J. Young Single just released



XOXO Entertainment's J. Young is climbing the charts with his first single "Oxygen" 
​~ Hear Josh Young's first single and watch his first video for the single "Oxygen"

~ Listen to his latest single, "SEXY DRESS" on i-Tunes: SEXY DRESS - J Young